About Justin

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Justin Levine is a fitness, nutrition and life coach, motivational speaker, an active endurance athlete, owner of California Fitness Academy, and author of Limitless: A Man’s 300 mile run to prove Anything is Possible. Justin’s positive personality exudes in his everyday actions. He genuinely cares for the wellness of the community and wants to spread his knowledge throughout the area. He writes for various national fitness and health websites. He also speaks to groups and companies locally and statewide.

Justin’s biggest achievement besides having a loving wife and two daughters was running a journey called LIMITLESS, a 300-mile ultra-distance run from Visalia to Santa Monica in 4 days. Not only does Justin want to be recognized as the leading expert in Tulare County but he also has been building his reputation throughout the nation as an expert in the strength and conditioning industry. Justin is excited to share his passion and expertise in the form of fitness, nutrition, personal growth, and positive living.

Justin's Philosophy
The LIMITLESS mindset is that anything is possible.
Justin's Values
  1. I believe in positive living, that waking up with an optimistic mind is the way to go.

  2. I believe in personal growth, that always working to improve creates motivation.

  3. I believe in healthy living, there is no other way.

  4. I believe in YOU, because belief sets you up to be success.

Justin's Experience
Strength & Conditioning Training - 10+ years
Personal Training - 9 years
Sports Nutrition - 8 years
Injury Prevention - 9 Years
Nutrition Coaching - 9 Years
Endurance Sport Coaching

Let Justin guide and coach you to reaching personal bests in your sport. He has coached all ranges of performance levels and supply specific coaching to help you achieve your athletic goals. (triathlon, running, cycling, ultrarunning).

Motivational Speaking

Have Justin come to your place of work to speak with either a small or large groups. Topics including but not limited to, health and wellness, sports performance, goal setting, motivation, nutrition, and life development.

Fitness Business Coaching

Having over 10 years in the trenches of building a business, Justin will supply you with real-world strategies from marketing, sales, and more that will help you grow the business of your dreams.